A woman and man, wearing masks, walk down the street at Marina Bay in Singapore.
COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases
17 Dec 2021
Address gender barriers in delivery and demand to catalyse COVID-19 vaccine equity: The Asia Pacific context
Supply and demand are at the crux of the disproportionate vaccination coverage, and inequities between and within nations How gender barriers affect delivery and demand and amplify vaccine inequity Tactical principles and entry points for action
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location South-East Asian Region
time 10 mins
A woman receiving a vaccination
Events 12 Oct 2021
12 Oct 2021
Gender & COVID-19 Research Agenda Setting in Asia Pacific: Vaccinations
Research needs on gender and COVID-19 from The Gender in Humanitarian Action (GiHA) Working Group’s listening session and literature review on vaccination and other thematic areas Emerging results on research priorities from the Asia Pacific region Strategies to promote and support research implementation of the collaboratively set agenda in the regionAs part of the Gender and COVID-19 Research Agenda-setting process, this event focuses on the regional experiences and research needs addressing the influence of gender in vaccination deployment.  
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location South-East Asian Region
date Thu 21 Oct 2021
time 11am - 12pm
ticket Free