Events 05 Oct 2022
05 Oct 2022
Gender Equity in Immunisation and Vaccine Development, Deployment, Access, and Uptake: Lessons From COVID-19 for Future Policy Pathways
This 90-minute roundtable is co-hosted by the UNU International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH), World Health Organization, Lancet Commission on Gender and Global Health, and Feminists for a People’s Vaccine. Experts will share and reflect on the experience and evidence to date and identify concrete pathways to position gender and equity firmly on the immunisation and pandemic preparedness agenda. The discussion will articulate a clear, shared, policy-relevant and people-centred vision to guide the application of a gender lens to vaccine and immunisation research, investments, and programming. This event took place at the World Health Summit in Berlin, Germany on 16 October, 2022
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location Global
date Sun 16 Oct 2022
time 2pm - 3pm
ticket Free
Events 15 Apr 2022
15 Apr 2022
Vaccines to vaccinations: Gender in Promoting Immunisation
location Global
date Fri 29 Apr 2022
time 8pm - 9pm
ticket Free