09 Jan 2021

Women’s Health and Gender Inequalities

United Nations University, the World Health Organization and the BMJ
United Nations University, the World Health Organization and the BMJ
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What you'll learn
The relationship between women's health and gender inequalities
  • This collection, launched at the World Health Summit 2020, aims to provide insights into how to advance women’s health and gender equality
  • The papers draw on successes, challenges and evidence-based strategies over the last 25 years and include analyses of new and emerging threats to women’s health
  • The series of papers push for real change in women’s health now and over the next 25 years
Why it's important
Why do we need to talk about women's health?

The 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on Women was a landmark global policy framework to promote the human rights of women and girls and gender equality. These were also identified as a prerequisite for women’s health and wellbeing. Over the past 25 years, there has been important progress in several areas of women’s health, however, gender discrimination, bias and inequalities in women’s health persist. There are also new and emerging threats to women’s health. The COVID-19 pandemic is one such threat disproportionately impacting women’s health and social and economic wellbeing in the immediate and long-term.

Who is behind the collection?

These articles are part of a series proposed by the United Nations University and the World Health Organization and commissioned by The BMJ, which peer reviewed, edited, and made the decisions to publish these articles
The series was launched in October 2020, at the World Health Summit session on lessons and emerging priorities 25 years after the Beijing Platform for Action. The articles for this collection were handled by Paul Simpson, International Audience Editor for The BMJ, and Rachael Hinton, Associate Editor for The BMJ

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