11 Nov 2021

UNU Gender and Health Hub: Annual Forum

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United Nations University International Institute for Global Health and Partners
Tue 07 Dec 2021
8:30 am
5 mins
What you'll learn
Join us for a special interactive, online event

The Gender and Health Hub Annual Forum, which runs across three days, from 7th – 9th December, aims to reflect on the last year and set priorities for the coming year.

It aims to celebrate the growing multistakeholder global Hub community and spotlight key achievements, initiatives, and actors while also establishing next steps and new partnerships for 2022.


About the event
Who is leading this?
The UNU Gender and Health Hub (GHH) was established with the aim to bridge the gap between people, evidence, policy, and action and contribute to more evidence-based and better-resourced integration of gender in health policies and programmes.
What is the purpose?
Launched at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW) in March 2021, GHH has focused on convening technical expertise with political leadership and consolidating evidence-based solutions to encourage concrete commitments to turn the COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity for gender equality in health.
Why now?
Over the next year, GHH will continue to develop and engage its growing global network of policymakers, researchers, practitioners and thought leaders with the aim to build on efforts to improve the evidence base on what has worked in the past and translate that evidence and practice-based learning into collective action and concrete commitments for the future.

Day 1: What Works in Gender and Health: Lessons Learnt

7 December 2021 | Report Launch: What Works in Gender and Health: Lessons Learned from Synthesis of Gender Integration Across Five UN Agencies


Day 2: Galvanising a Multistakeholder Ecosystem: People, Policies, and Partnerships for a Feminist Transformation of the Health Sector

8 December 2021 | Gender Equality and Health in Africa: Creating a collaborative platform to identify research priorities and best practices in the wake of COVID-19

8 December 2021 | Gender and Digital Health Webinar Series Finale


Day 3: What next: Future Directions for Research and Policy engagement

9 December 2021 | Setting the Agenda for Action: Launch of the Gender & COVID-19 Research Agenda-setting Results


Key Objectives
Building a sense of Hub community and spotlighting key knowledge products and partnerships
Stock-taking and priority-setting with existing partners on what has worked within the Hub
Creating a new constituency of actors that can take action (collectively and individually) on core topics
Highlighting best practice
Highlighting best practice
Spotlight innovative solutions and exchanges of promising practices between key actors operating nationally, regionally and globally
Taking action
Taking action
Explore opportunities for action and resource mobilisation to influence the global processes in 2022. Discuss concrete steps, gaps and recommendations on key priorities
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